Quality regards its frontline team members and operational support crews as its most valuable resource. It respects and value its teams, and recognises their drive and dedication and it commits to the sustainable advancement of each team member’s development and career through diverse and inclusive initiatives. Quality believes in achievement through innovation; fair and transparent talent reviews; learning and mentoring programs; sustainable advancement of individual and team development and career opportunities.

Quality’s HR practices, including upward feedback; personal development planning and a peer review mechanism are at the leading edge.

Quality works with all team members to provide:

  • Clear, documented position-specific roles, responsibilities and reporting lines
  • Safe, documented work method statements
  • Identification of training requirements and competency standards
  • In-house and external training as required
  • Management training
  • Measurable and achievable KPIs
  • Annual reviews of competencies

It is Quality’s policy that we work in and provide an environment where our team members can freely ask questions of our processes and practises.

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